Tell Me - Corporate Chat Application

Tell Me is a Chatting Application, which supports all the features of other Chat applications WhatsApp and WeChat, and has some additional features.

- Broadcast Message Support:

With this feature, corporate customers can make their broadcast group and start sending featured messages to their followers. This part looks same as twitter, but you can restrict the people assigned for the broadcast send message see all users in the group. And also, people at the broadcast group is not allowed to see who follows this group.

You can design custom messages with template support, helps you write the name of the person and can mention the matter with him/her, for example the amount to pay, the papers that are missing, or any special web link special for that person (generally for security related or any custom link).

The broadcast messages can be sent also for hierarchical groups. Any group hierarchically under some group will have the message sent for the parent group, if you want it so.

Any person in the group can send message to the group. However this message is only sent to the administrators of the group.

Custom Online Operations Menu helps you add quick access links for phone numbers, fax numbers, location links, web page links, application store links, or any custom link that will send the person to some private area.

If you handshake with an SMS provider system allows you to send messages with expiration rules. For example, you can tell a message to automatically send SMS if the receiving party did not receive the message for 30 minutes, and send SMS if the receiving party did not read the message for 1 hour.

- Crowded Groups:

WhatsApp allows only 256 person for a group, our groups are not limited to a number currently.

- Reporting:

All messages have unique identifiers, thus you can check, see and manage all messages, and ready-up a different message and send a different message to ones, for example, that did not read the message yet. Or ready up a different message and send SMS to ones that did not get the message.

- Message Expiration Time:

Messages can have expiration times, when an expiration time reaches the users those have the message can see that the campain for example has ended, and the ones that did not receive the message does not receive a message that is expired. By default the expiration time is a month, the messages are tried to be sent to the user, whitin a month. This behaviour can be changed, ofcourse.

- Corporate Installation and Deployment:

Tell Me is allowed installation for a company/government/municipality only. This makes Tell Me a closed messaging application for corporate usage only.

- LiveChat Box Support:

Tell Me can be put into web pages for LiveChat purposes. This makes Tell Me a CRM operation center solution. Tell Me has Agent support, and Agents can be at different subjects and units. For example; the company may have Agents who knows English and German, and some only English and some others only German, the Queue system automatically manages the queue and redirects waiting people to those related Agents.

- Multi Device Support:

You can also use your tablet for messaging, WhatsApp and WeChat does not allow this.

- Low Battery Usage:

WhatsApp and WeChat has enormous battery usage, Tell Me has its own messaging and Push Message (AMS: Alchemy Messaging Service) System which reduces the battery usage for the mobile phone.

Tell Me™ is a registered trade mark!

Tell Me™ is a registered trade mark of the Turkish company, Alchemy Smart Bilgi Teknolojileri.

Tell Me - Corporate Chat Application

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